The science behind the Virustatic Shield

Virustatic develops and patents scientifically proven technologies that prevent and protect against airborne virus transmission.

Commissioning world-leading academic institutions and research laboratories in the UK to assist in the development of antiviral coatings that can be applied to everyday readily available materials for use in a pandemic situations.

After extensive research, development and testing with these institutions, Virustatic has developed a coating that can be applied to snood to provide 360 degree protection with capture rates in live virus testing of 96% airborne enveloped influenza viruses. We also know that viruses infect their hosts by binding to receptors in the upper respiratory tract. Once there they can cause coughs, fever, breathing difficulties and, in severe cases, organ failure.

Each virus is wrapped in a protein “envelope”. Virustatic Shield’s innovative fabric coating mimics the body’s own respiratory tract cells, therefore disrupting this protective membrane and ultimately killing the virus.

Virustatic Shield’s cationic properties impacts envelope viruses that are 400 times smaller than a human hair—and easily small enough to pass through material that does not have the Virustatic coating.

Key features

Key features

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Security verification

The QR code attached to each Virustatic Shield checks for a unique number assigned to that individual shield. Scanning goes to a secure site that checks to see if this number is being accessed for the first time, or if it has been accessed before.

Scanning can give one of these four responses.  If you were not able to access the verification site or received Response 2, 3 or 4 please use the contact form to let us know you had a problem and which response you had and we will get back in touch with you.